Blackbird was brought in by Production Glue to bring Experience Mars to life for Civic Entertainment Group and National Geographic Channel. The 4 day event was free to the public and promoted Nat Geo's newest show MARS, which aired Nov. 14th, 2016. 

The immersive activation transformed an empty lot in downtown Manhattan into the MARS recruitment center. Inside the 4 geodesic domed tents were replica Mars Rovers, costumes from the show, anti gravity treadmills, replica scenery from the show and a custom VR flight simulator ride. Tait Towers, Major Mega and Nuformer created the custom Cable Coaster ride to fit within the confines of the dome while maximizing the experience for the public.  The 6 degree of motion ride was combined with a custom VR experience to simulate landing on Mars. More about the Cable Coaster can be found here.

Blackbird served as Production Manager/Technical Director for the project, managing all technical elements, pre-production, schedule, budget, and infrastructure for the event including labor, power,  decking, tents, lighting, scenic, video, heavy equipment storage and trucking.