Blackbird was proud to have worked with Production Glue to help bring Nike's CLIO Award winning

Zoom City Arena to life. 

"Step into the future of basketball at the zoom city arena. Zoom city arena is a state-of-the-art basketball facility featuring a full-sized led basketball court that brings graphics and video to life. The regulation-size court incorporates a fully programmable led screen to run content and interactive training programs. Consumers are invited to witness and work out with the best nike athletes and nike master trainers through virtual training programs and the signature move sequences of some of the best in the game.​​"

The court, made up of 1,075 LED tiles and covered in a 10mm glass surface, displayed customized content and interactive training programs for Nike All Stars, trainers, high school athletes, fans and consumers. Visitors to the Arena could view vintage Nike’s, play interactive games and register to trial new products on the Basketball court where tournaments and interactive training programs took place.